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Mary Higgins Clark, an American author of suspense novels, reviewed essays written by Catholic School students as part of the Students to Leaders contest by The Foundation for Catholic Education.

Fynn Payer, a third grade student at Our Lady of Lourdes School, was one of the winners in the Grades 3-5 category and was honored at the Student to Leaders Education Dinner in May 2010. Below is his winning essay:

Proud to be Catholic  

            When I came to Our Lady of Lourdes School I was in first grade. My family moved from Howell to New Brunswick in the end of October so I started  Our Lady of Lourdes School in November. I went to public school in Howell so things were a little different. 

I was nervous at first, but it was not that scary. Mrs. Brickman, my first grade teacher, had everyone tell me their name and said what they liked. I only knew one person, happily I sat next to her, thanks to Mrs. Brickman. There was someone who kept talking but we became great friends in the future! That day at recess I was scared to ask someone to play with me. Soon one of the boys in my class came over to me and asked if I wanted to play tag. I answered yes and a great friendship started. 

Iím glad I transferred to a Catholic school because God is strong in my heart. Iím glad I can speak about God at Our Lady of Lourdes because I know I couldnít do that in my public school. We are taught the golden rule: Treat others how you want to be treated. Itís been two years since I started Our Lady of Lourdes School. I have learned a lot of knowledge in all my subjects but religion and my faith and my love for God is the most important. I am proud to be Catholic and I am proud to go to Our Lady of Lourdes School. 

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Congratulations Fynn!